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What Marriage Won’t do for You

Many people, of all ages, look at marriage not only as the union of two people but as an opportunity to change their relationship or the person that they are getting married to.  So many marriages fail because people have an idea of what marriage will do for them and their relationship.  If you could [...]

Attending Work Functions with Your Spouse

There are a lot of different things that you and your spouse probably do together socially but one of the most uncomfortable for a lot of people is going to work functions with one another.  It can be uncomfortable for the spouse because everyone at the party can talk about shared experiences and the spouse [...]

Guarding Your Marriage Against Affair

Wondering what you can do to help protect your marriage from an affair on the part of either partner?  While there is a lot of self respect and loyalty that goes into a marriage, there are some things that you can do to insulate your marriage from the harmful effects of an affair on the [...]

Helping Your Spouse Get Back in Shape

There is nothing worse than looking at your spouse, whom you love, and realizing that the honeymoon is definitely over.  You may look at them one day and realize that they need to get off of the couch and start moving again.  This can be a delicate issue to approach, especially with women who usually [...]