Dating When You Are Newly Divorced

After getting divorced you may experience a wide variety of emotions.  Many people go from wondering if they will ever date again to wanting to just get out there and get going again.  While you may be anxious to start dating again, you shouldn’t definitely take the time to learn some simple tips about how to approach dating when you are newly divorced.  By taking in just a couple tips you will have a lot more fun and you will enjoy dating more than you might have thought that you would.

Some tips to make life after getting divorced better:

1. Don’t get into dating too fast.  Many people want to prove that they are okay and that they are still desirable to the opposite sex so they jump out there and they start dating as soon as the divorce is final.  Instead of proving that you have still got it, take some time out to allow yourself to heal.  If you rush into dating and new relationships you will not allow yourself to get the closure and distance that you need from the marriage that is essential to having healthy relationships in the future.  Give yourself time to heal.  For some people this is one month and for others this is nine months to a year.  You need to wait to start dating until you get over the hurt of a failed marriage.

2. When you are ready to start dating, start fresh.  Don’t just date the people that you already know or that are from your circle of friends.  When you do this, you are dating people who know all about what went wrong in your marriage.  Get away from all of that and meet new people.  You can do this through local singles groups, through online dating services, and more.  Give yourself a clean slate to work with when you are ready to date again.

3. Take your date somewhere that you are comfortable.  If you were married for awhile or you are nervous about dating again, do what you can to be comfortable.  You can make yourself more comfortable by taking your date to a place that you like and are comfortable with.  This will help you take comfort in the familiar even though you are doing something you are comfortable with.

4. Think of the kids.  If you have kids you need to make sure that you talk to them a bit about dating.  Let them know that your dating will not change the way that you feel about them.  Also, don’t allow your kids to meet the people that you are dating until you are sure they are going to be around for some time.

5. Don’t date if you don’t have fun.  Dating should be fun.  If you start dating and find that perhaps you moved into it just a bit too soon, it’s acceptable to back track.  Make sure that above all else you are having a good time when you go out, as that is what dating is all about.  Keep it light and fun!

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