Reigniting the Passion in Your Marriage

Do you feel like your marriage lacks the passion and lust that you want and that you used to get?  Many married people find that they just are not as physical and as sexual as they used to be, and they see this as a sign that the marriage is over or perhaps they are just not right for one another.  This is usually not the case, we just get comfortable and lazy and busy in our every day lives and we don’t give our relationships the attention that they deserve and require to continue to be full of passion.

Luckily, reigniting that passion is not difficult.  You will find through a few very simple things that you can turn the passion back on, and you may even find that you experience more passion than you did in the beginning because you are so much more comfortable with one another.

1. Touch one another.  We often don’t touch one another as much as we used to as we get further into the marriage.  This is not necessarily sexual touch, just the casual touching of two people who love one another.  As you walk by one another caress their arm or back.  When you are sitting together hold their hand, or place your hand on their knee.  The simple act of touching can get that spark going again, it’s amazing!

2. Make time to talk to one another.  We often don’t realize how little we actually talk to one another when we get busy living our lives.  Make sure that you make time to talk to one another, really talk to one another.  If you are assuming that the sex and passion will come naturally if you don’t talk, think again.

3. A lot of marriages don’t have the passion that they once had because the couple does not make time for the passion.  You need to make sure that you make time for your relationship.  Many people argue that they just don’t have time, but this isn’t true.  If you have time to watch television or talk on the phone, you have time for your relationship.  Make time for your relationship every day if you want to have a passionate marriage.

4. Continue to do things that will excite your partner.  Flirt with them, give them little gifts, send them flirty messages, and do the things that you know turn them on.  We often forget about the little things that we do when we first get together that make the passion so irresistible.  You cannot simply stop doing these things and assume that the passion will last.  This is fun and will work to get the passion going again!

5. Spend time in the bedroom.  Many married couples are so busy and feel rushed that they don’t actually enjoy sex as much as they should.  They hurry through it and simply go through the motions.  Stop doing this!  Take your time!  Enjoy the experience, when you do this the passion will grow and intensify and you’ll feel like newlyweds all over again!

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