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Birth Control: Talking to Your Romantic Partner

Before you start having sex with someone you need to have a discussion about birth control.  A lot of people start having sex and then they talk about it, or worse, they never talk about birth control and they just assume that the other person is taking care of it.  You cannot assume that someone [...]

The Art of Texting: The Do’s and Don’ts of Texting

Texting has opened up a whole new way to communicate and of course flirt.  If you have someone’s cell phone number you can communicate with them in many different ways including hitting on them, telling them what you need from the store, fighting with them, and so much more.  There is no limit as to [...]

Remarrying Your Ex: What You Should Think About Before You Walk Down the Aisle…Again!

We hear about it more and more all the time:  Couples who couldn’t make it work, got divorced, started dating again, and got married a second time.  It seems that a lot of people are finding their way back to an old flame and trying to make it work the second time around.  There are [...]

Making Time for Your Relationship When You Have Kids

There is a tendency when you have kids to put all of your time and effort into them and not give enough time and effort to your relationship.  This is especially true if both people in the relationship share the responsibilities associated with raising the kids.  While it is important for your kids to have [...]

Hand Holding isn’t Just for Kids

Remember when you were little and holding the hand of your mother and father made you feel loved, safe, and secure regardless of where you were?  This is not something that we outgrow as we age, in fact we continue to feel loved and safe and secure when someone that cares about us takes us [...]

Be Nice: Compliment the Person that You Love

Relationships are hard and when we are in a relationship we have a tendency to focus on what could be better or what we want that person to change about themselves or the way that they approach us or our relationship.  It’s this focus on the negative that can actually hurt our relationship, and in [...]

Breathing Positive Feelings into Your Relationship

Negativity begets negativity and this could not be more true than it is in relationships.  If you are negative inside of a relationship the relationship is going to take a turn for the worse.  Regardless of how long things have been negative with you and your partner, you can start to be more positive.  Negative [...]

Managing Jealousy in Your Relationship

Jealousy is a very real human emotion.  If we care about someone and we want them to care about us and give us their attention, jealousy is normal to a certain extent.  While this is true, it is very easy for jealousy to get out of hand and this can be detrimental to a relationship [...]

Getting Out of an Abusive Relationship

We all tell ourselves that we wouldn’t stay in an abusive relationship for a second, yet many of us find ourselves trapped in these very relationships.  There are more of these types of relationships out there than most of us would ever realize or even want to think about.  If you find yourself in one [...]

Avoiding the Holiday Tension

Do you and your spouse seem to get into little arguments every holiday season?  The holidays are right around the corner and already you may cringe when you think of Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.  This may be a time that you want to look forward to, but you know in your heart that there is [...]