How to Tell if Your Man is Cheating

The fear that many of us have is that our loved one is going to cheat on us and we won’t even be aware.  Many women spend a lot of time trying to determine if their man is cheating, time that they could spend enjoying the relationship if they just knew for sure.  There are some tell tale signs that will help you establish if your man is cheating.  Of course, every man is different, so just one of these signs may not be cause for worry. 

The signs that your man is cheating may include but are not limited to:

1. He won’t let you anywhere near his computer and/or his cell phone.  If he has always been free with these things in the past but is suddenly very protective and makes excuses why you cannot use them, you may want to pause for thought.  If you notice that he never puts his cell phone down or won’t even let you look in the general direction of it, he may be hiding calls or text messages on there from a secret someone new.

2. He suddenly cares about his appearance a lot more than he used to.  If he is suddenly working out, getting his hair cut every four weeks, shaving, and putting his best foot forward in the clothing department you can be sure that he is trying to impress someone.  If he didn’t do these things in the past, you might want to stop to think about what is up and who he is trying to impress.

3. He doesn’t smell like he did when he left home.  Many women who find that their man was cheating in hindsight will realize that he came home smelling different than he left.  If he doesn’t have any cologne on now or smells of a soap different than your own, he may have had to shower midday away from home.  But why?

4. He doesn’t get worked up about things anymore.  If you were constantly fighting or he was irritated about something that you did or didn’t do before and now he just doesn’t seem to care, you might want to ponder why that is.  Many men who are cheating just let the issues in the relationship go because they are having their needs met elsewhere.

5. He suddenly accuses you of cheating for no reason.  Many people who are cheating often try to pass the suspicion of cheating onto someone else to take the attention off of them.  If out of the blue your partner begins accusing you of cheating, you may want to consider what it is that they are doing when they are away from home.  It could prove to be very interesting.

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