Ways to Know You Are Ready to Get Married

Many people often look at the person that they are engaged to and they wonder if they could really be with them forever.  How do you know you are ready to get married?  There are just certain things that you are able to say or do with confidence when you know that the relationship, the timing, and your maturity level are right.  When it’s right it’s right and knowing what to look for in marriage readiness may help you determine whether you really are ready or not.

You may be ready for marriage if:

1. The idea of proposing or being proposed to doesn’t make you want to vomit, hide, or just run away.  A lot of people think that these feelings are normal, but when you are ready to get married the idea of becoming engaged is not a repulsive one.

2. You don’t think about how you could get away with being with other people.  Everyone sees people that they think are attractive, but if you are always thinking about how you could get away with sleeping with someone else chances are you are not ready to be married.

3. You don’t consider marriage a temporary state of being.  If you are getting married you need to see it as a life long thing, not something that has an opt-out option when things get rough.

4. If you are willing and able to communicate well with your spouse.  Marriage is work and the marriages that fail are often those that lack good communication skills.  Don’t get married until you have learned to communicate well with one another.

5. If you know that you and your spouse are on the same page where sexuality is concerned.  Many couples end up parting because they don’t see eye to eye on sexual issues.  Even if you haven’t had sex, you should talk about what you want from your sex life.  When you see eye to eye on sexual issues you will be much more likely to make it work.

You are the only person who can decide if you are ready to get married.  You need to take a step back from the thoughts of the beautiful wedding clothes, the rings, and the gifts from friends and family and look at what marriage really is.  Marriage takes a lot of work and you need to think about what you want from life, what you want from yourself, and if the person that you are thinking of marrying is the person you want to do these things with.  It is a huge decision and you shouldn’t take it lightly.  If more people would really stop and think about what marriage means and determine if they are really ready to get married.

How to Tell if He’s Into You

Men often have a difficult time determining if a guy is into them or if he is just being polite.  While every man is different, you will generally find that men who like a woman will have some behaviors in common.  While there are some deviations from the norm, if you learn the typical signs you may be better able to decipher what his behavior does and does not mean.  Luckily, most men do the same things when they are interested in a woman.

The biggest thing that you should look for when you want to know if a man likes you is if he is mirroring your movements.  A man who is into a woman will mirror her movements and even mirror the way that her voice fluctuates when she talks.  Look for this subtle but very tell tale signs that he wants you as much as you want him.

Another sign that he is into is the squaring of his shoulders.  A man will always sit with his shoulders squared toward the person that he wants to talk to or that he is interested in.  You can basically take squared shoulders as an open invitation to get to know him better.  Watch him though, he may square with one person after another, which means that he is open to getting to know everyone better.

Other signs that a man is interested in you may include but are not limited to:

? He smiles at you a lot
? He’ll tease you when the opportunity presents itself
? He tends to be very near to you, even in a crowd
? He gives you compliments
? He offers to do things for you
? He’ll laugh at your jokes
? He remembers everything you say
? His voice gets softer when he talks to you
? He may appear to be shy when you are around
? His pupils dilate when he looks at you
? He unnecessarily maintains eye contact

As you can see, most guys make it really simple to tell whether or not they like you.  You may need to observe them and really take in their behavior for awhile before you determine for sure whether the guy is into you or just wants to be friends with you, because with some guys it really is difficult to tell.  If you find that he is always moving away from you and doesn’t do any of the things listed above, chances are that he is not interested and you are better advised to focus your attentions elsewhere.  When you get to the bottom of it, most men are really easy to read, as long as you know what you are looking for!

How to Make Women Want You

Many men watch others walk into a room and get the attention of every woman within a two mile radius.  They don’t know how this is done, though they would like to learn.  The fact of the matter is that any man can learn how to be the man that every woman notices. To some men this comes very naturally, but just because it doesn’t come naturally doesn’t mean that you can’t be the center of attention, or at least the center of women’s attention!

The first thing you need to learn about is the alpha male.  Women like men who exude confidence and dominance and this is the alpha male.  If you want to attract women without looking desperate or even look like you are trying, you need to learn how to act like an alpha male.  This is a combination of body language, a mindset, and even the way that you look at a woman.  When you act like an alpha male you will appear confident, you’ll be irresistible to just about every woman, and you can spice up your dating life.  Study your friends who are alpha males.  Remember being an alpha male is not about treating a woman badly, it’s just a state of mind that you can have what you want, and that you are confidant.

Of course, it is not just about looking like you are confident, you need to talk like you are confident.  Many men who look great lose the girl when they open their mouth and they do not come across as confident.  You need to practice talking in a confident, and even mildly seductive manner.  When you pair confident body language with the ability to speak to women with confidence you will really find that women respond positively.

You have to have a certain level of mystery if you want to succeed with women.  When you leave it all out on the table and you let her know everything about you up front there is not going to be anything left for her to want to find out.  Instead, just give her what she needs to know and then leave her wondering about the rest.  The women always go for the very confident, assertive, and mysterious men, so do what you can do to be that person but still be yourself.

As you can see, you can make any woman want you.  You just need to be the confident man that every woman wants.  Confidence really is important to women, so if you need to, take some time off of dating and work on your confidence.  You may need to start exercising, get a new job, get a new haircut, and even purchase a couple new pieces of clothing.  When you feel good about yourself you are going to be more confident and then you’ll make her want you!

When the Sex Just Isn’t Hot

Are you in one of those relationships where everything outside of the bedroom is perfect?  You enjoy doing a lot of the same things?  You share the same beliefs?  You have the same value system?  And you even have unbelievable chemistry?  Many times when you have all of this going on you just assume that it will translate into the bedroom.  But, what happens when it doesn’t?  This can be really disconcerting and you may feel like it was all just one big joke, but don’t give up, you’re just getting started.

Before you assume that the sex will never be good:

1. Give it another shot.  Often times the first few times you have sex with someone so much of what occurs happens because one of both of you is nervous.  When you are nervous the sex is not going to be the best ever, so simply give it some time.  Give it at least five or six times before you become concerned.  You will often find that the more comfortable you get with one another the better the sex becomes.

2. Try something new.  Don’t just keep doing the same thing over and over if it is not working.  Instead, you should make sure that you are trying out different positions and just seeing what works.  Often it is just a matter of finding what works for the two of you.  Each set of people fits together and moves together just a bit differently, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

3. Tell your mate what you like.  If you are not feeling satisfied with the sex that you have already had, try sharing what you do like.  Often when we are new to a sexual relationship what we really need is guidance.  By telling your partner what you like and encouraging them to do the same you will be able to please one another in ways that you may not have been able to do in the past.  Sharing your likes and dislikes is a great way to communicate what you want.

4. Get a book or a video.  Try watching or reading something that will get the two of you turned on or perhaps shows something being done the way you like it done.  This is a great way to share with your partner what your likes and dislikes are and just add something new and exciting to your sexual routine.  Remember, experimentation can be your best friend when you aren’t being pleased sexually.

5. Tell your partner you aren’t being satisfied.  Many times if you don’t say anything your partner would simply assume that you are happy.  Tell them in a nice way that you are not as satisfied as you would like to be, and then talk about it.  When you allow for this dialog you may find that they are not as happy as they want to be either, and then you can create a plan that will help you both get what you want from your sexual interactions.

You’ve Just Been Dumped, Now You Need To

If you have just been dumped and you are broken hearted there are some things that you can do to help get over the depressive mood that seems to have taken over.  Break ups are hard, but they don’t have to disrupt your whole life.  There are some things that you can do to help move past the pain and start living again.

1.    Allow yourself to cry and just generally be sad.  When you let yourself wallow in it instead of denying how hurt you are and how much it hurts you can move past the pain more quickly.  If you spend your time denying the pain you are in, you are only going to drag it out and become bitter in the end.  Let it all out now and be done with it.

2.    Reconnect with your friends.  If you have been neglecting your friendships because you were in a relationship, now is the time to close the gap between you and your friends.  Let them know that you missed them and that you are getting your priorities straight and you want to be a part of their life again.  Chances are, your friends will take you back with open arms.

3.    Spend some time with a happily married couple.  You may think that this sounds dreadful when you have just broken up with your mate, but it will be good for you.  Not only will it allow you to think outside yourself, it will show you that there is hope that you will find real love, love that can sustain you in the future.  When you see a happy couple together it may keep you from falling into negative thinking about love.

4.    Have fun!  Do whatever it is that you want to do with your time.  If you like to watch old movies or listen to music or read you can do it now without worrying about annoying your partner.  Do the things that you like to do, and enjoy every minute of it.

5.    Stay single for at least three to six months.  Don’t rush into a new relationship.  Enjoy your time being single instead of rushing into another relationship.  If you take your time and you enjoy being single you will find that when the right someone special comes along you are ready to enter into a relationship with them.  If you rush into something else, chances are you will only find yourself in this same position in the near future.

Once you get over the shock of being dumped you might find that you actually like being single.  You can have a lot of fun, reconnect with friends, and even reconnect with yourself.  Don’t rush the recovery process, instead allow yourself plenty of time to enjoy being single while you get over the heart ache.

Things You Can Do When You Are Single

Being single definitely has its perks.  If you are newly single you may feel as though you are not living your own life because you have become accustomed to being in a relationship.  Now that you are single there are some things that you should do.  They will help you not only come to terms with your last relationship but also come to terms with where you are in your life right now.

1.    Allow yourself to be broken hearted.  Now that you are single you should really allow yourself to wallow in the sadness, anger, confusion, and any other emotions that you are feeling.  Many times we just want to gloss over this process, but now that you are single you don’t have to be strong for anyone, you don’t have to put your best face forward.  Instead, allow yourself to really feel it and feel bad for yourself.  You’ll come out the other side a better person.

2.    Travel!  Now that you are single you can go to all of the places that you have always wanted to go.  Traveling alone is a great experience because it allows you to be and even forces you to be independent.  This is a great way to embrace being single again, and you don’t have to worry about what someone else wants to see, you can see and do the things that you want.

3.    Stay out all night.  You don’t have anyone to answer to, so enjoy staying out all night.  Whether you go out dancing with friends or just have a sleep over with your best friends, stay out all night and don’t come home until after breakfast.  You’ll find that coming home to an empty house is never better than when you have been away all night.

4.    Buy something you don’t need.  There will be no one to roll their eyes at your or chastise you for the frivolous purchase, it’s just you!  Now you can buy the things that you want without explaining them to someone else.  Buying something that you don’t need every now and again is a good idea, and when you’re single you can really go for it!

5.    Learn a new hobby or skill.  When you are single and you don’t have to concentrate on anyone but yourself you can make time to do something for yourself.  Taking up a new hobby or learning a new skill can be exciting, so try something out that you have always wanted to do but never did. Learn how to cook, take up sewing, knitting, hiking, climbing, or anything that interests you!  The sky really is the limit when you are single, so try something new!

When Her Best Friend is a Man

When you are dating someone that you really like and everything is going smashingly you may be stopped in your tracks when she tells you that her best friend is a man.  If you are like most men your jaw will drop for a few moments before you start to get some awful fantasies running through your mind about what her and her best friend do when they are alone together.  Before you freak out you should definitely take a breather.

Before you write her and the relationship off completely you should ask her about her best male friend. You should ask her when they met, how long they have been friends, and what they do together.  You should simply show an interest in who this guy is and what part he plays in her life.  By doing this you can get some much needed information about the other man in her life while making her feel like you are taking an interest in all areas of her life.

Next, you should ask to meet her best friend.  You shouldn’t make it sound like you want to size up the competition, instead you should just make it seem like you want to get to know her friends and be a part of every part of her life.  She will appreciate this and she will be excited to introduce you to her friends, if they are really just friends.  Make sure that you make yourself available to meet this best friend or she may pick up on your worries associated with him and get defensive.

When you meet the best friend, you need to come across as friendly as possible without being overly friendly.  You need to simply check him out, get to know him, see if he seems jealous of you at all, and go from there.  You can learn a lot if you just sit back and watch the two of them together.  You may find when you watch them that they really are friends and this can put you at ease.  If you find that they are just a little too touchy feely, it is good to know this about the two of them now instead of later.

After you meet the best friend you will probably feel better about things.  Chances are you will see that he is just a friend and that they have no interest in one another.  If you are worried about the relationship, ask your girlfriend about them.  Tell her that you really liked her friend but that you feel a little jealous about their connection.  If she gets defensive, you may have something to worry about.  The best thing that you can do is feel it out as you go along and go from there.

Reasons You Shouldn’t Call it Quits

All too often we hear about why we should break it off.  We see lists of the reasons that someone may not be the right one for us, deal breakers, and good reasons for breaking up.  Have you ever thought about the fact that a lot of people break up for the wrong reasons?  Have you ever broken up with someone and then regretted it later after the heat of the moment?  Almost everyone has done this.  Below is a list of reasons describing why you shouldn’t break up:

1. You don’t like all the same things.  The great thing about being in a relationship is that you can continue to be you while you grow and experience new things.  If you and your partner liked all of the same things your relationship would grow stale pretty quickly.  You don’t have to like all of the same things to have a great relationship; in fact your differences may make you even more well suited for one another.

2. You got in a fight.  All couples fight.  If you learn how to fight in a healthy manner you will find that you are actually able to get to know one another better and grow as a couple when you do disagree.  One fight isn’t a reason to break up.  So, in the heat of the moment when you want to hurt the other person, refrain from muttering the words that you don’t want to be with them anymore.  When all is said and done, you’ll probably regret those words and you can’t undo them once they have been uttered.

3. You both have baggage.  If you’re looking for an easy way out of a relationship you can always allow the fact that you both have baggage keep you apart.  The fact of the matter is that we all have baggage and if you let it get in your way you will never have a long term relationship.  Instead of allowing for the baggage to get in the way, be honest about who you are and where you came from and move on.

4. Past relationships.  It is easy to become jealous of the past relationships of your ex, but it doesn’t have to be something that ends your relationship.  Understand that your mate had a life before you were in it and let it be in the past.  If you allow their past relationships to get in your way, you may never be able to find someone to be with long term!

5. They look at other people.  It is human nature to notice when people are attractive, so don’t break up because he or she happens to notice that other people are attractive.  You don’t have to put up with someone being disrespectful, but if they simply take in a beautiful person when they see them, who cares?  The fact that they come home with you every night should comfort you.  It’s human nature to notice beautiful people, so let it go and don’t break up over it.

Reasons You May Not Want to Sleep With a Virgin

In movies and even in conversations between friends there is a lot of debate about whether or not one should attempt to sleep with a virgin, or even seek them out.  Men are generally much more interested in the experience than women are, but there are a lot of people who are interested in sleeping with someone who is not at all sexually experienced.  Before you seek out someone who is a virgin you should consider some reasons that you may not want to have sex with someone who is a virgin.  While it might seem like a great idea right now, after you consider these facts you might want to think again or at least think about who it is that you are considering sleeping with.

1. They are not sexually experienced.  If you like good sex you may find that sex with someone who is not experienced is not at all good.  The reason for this is that they don’t have the experience that is needed to be a good lover.  While they may have good intentions you may find that their movements in the sack are pretty darn awkward.

2. There is the potential for them to freak out a bit.  Losing your virginity is a pretty big deal in the eyes of most people, and for this reason you may want to avoid sleeping with someone who is a virgin.  They may have a little emotional melt down before, during, and even after the sexual experience.  If you don’t want front row seats to such a freak out, you are better off leaving all of the sexually inexperienced alone!

3. Chances are that the person that you sleep with who is a virgin will become attached to you.  Unless you are serious about this person and don’t mind them becoming emotionally attached to you, you should probably avoid being the person that they lose their virginity to.  Not only will they become attached to you, you will always have 1st place in their sexual history.

These are some pretty important reasons that you shouldn’t sleep with a virgin.  At the very least, you should look over these facts and really consider whether or not being with someone who is a virgin is the right move for you, and them.  When you are dealing with someone who is just not all that experienced with sex it can just cause a lot of different problems.  You may find that there is a whirlwind of emotional and physical things to deal with that you just aren’t ready to deal with, at least not with this specific person.  Think before you act, no matter how cool the idea seems to you.

Mistakes Many of Us Make That Are Keeping Us from Having Amazing Sex

If you’re having sex but you always wish you could have more sex or just have better sex, you can!  Even if you have a great sex life it can always be better!  How?  By avoiding some of the things that we all do when it comes to sex.  When you stop making these same mistakes you will find that a whole new world of sex and sexuality opens up to you, making it better than ever before.

1. You rush sex.  Often we are so excited about having sex that we rush through it.  Why are we rushing when it is something that we look forward to so much?  Instead of making a sexual experience a race from start to finish, slow it down.  Begin to explore your partner’s body in a new way, find what they like, what you like, and bring a newness back to sex that you haven’t had for a long time.  Your sex life will become 100% better if you just slow things down a bit.

2. The same routine.  Is your sex routine just a bit too predictable?  Do both you and your spouse know when or where you are going to have sex every time?  This can make sex seem more like part of the schedule or just something that you do instead of something that should be enjoyed and celebrated.  Break out of your routine and get spontaneous!  This will turn great sex into mind blowing sex!

3. Breezing by foreplay.  As you get comfortable in your relationship foreplay may seem like a waste.  While you may not want a long drawn out foreplay session every time, you should stop and smell the roses every once in awhile.  It is the build up that occurs during foreplay that makes great sex so great.  So, stop just breezing by all of the fun foreplay of the past and do it!  You’ll be so glad that you did!

4. One of you always makes the first move.  If you always anticipate that one person is going to make the first move than things are just a bit too predictable and one person may always be waiting for the other.  Allow both people to make that first move, in fact insist upon it.  When you are both able to initiate sex you will be free to explore a new aspect of your sexual life together, which will make things hotter than ever before.

5. Watching television before sex.  Do you go into the bedroom at night and automatically turn on the television and then have sex after you are done watching?  Instead of allowing yourself to get tired and entertained while watching television, why not turn off the television and have sex first and then if you are still looking for some entertainment you can turn it on after a bit of pillow talk!