Success and Relationships

Many couples dream of success, working and working together to achieve their goals and dreams.  While goals and success are important and should definitely be important to both people, when success is all you can think of and then you finally make it, it can actually take a toll on your relationship. 

A lot of people scoff at the idea that success could actually be bad for a relationship, but if it is not handled with care, it can.  For instance, if you have always been equals as far as what you are able to bring in and contribute to the relationship and suddenly one person realizes their dreams, the balance of power may be all off.  If suddenly one person is contributing a lot more this may cause some tension in the relationship.  Be sure that you talk about this so that you are both comfortable with what each is giving and bringing home.  Talking about it can help you avoid having problems with the balance of power shifting.

A lot of relationships also suffer because when someone finally achieves their dreams they have their ego stroked and they often forget that they need to stay true to who they are and where they come from.  When ego gets in the way in a relationship it can be really difficult to get past it.  Talk about selfish behavior and egotistical behavior as soon as you see it and bring the person back down to earth.  If you allow it to continue it will only get harder to deal with.

A lot of people who experience success suddenly don’t give their relationship the treatment that it deserves because there are just so many more things available to them.  When the world open ups and there are so many more options a lot of people can lose focus of what has always been important to them, including their relationship.  Don’t allow for new options to stand in your way, instead find a way to take in the new opportunities together instead of allowing them to come between you.

Many relationships that struggle with success struggle because suddenly the person who has gained that success doesn’t have time for the relationship anymore.  The time that used to be spent with their significant other is now spent working and enjoying the fruits of the success.  This can lead to jealousy and hurt feelings, but it doesn’t have to cause friction in the relationship.  You can always find time for the relationship, you just have to be dedicated to it.  If you keep your priorities in line you will find that anything is possible, in fact you can have success and a great relationship, too!

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