What Turns a Woman On

Not sure what gets a woman going?   Many men look at men who are really successful with women and they just aren’t sure what it is about them that turns women on.  You know those guys who seem to get every girl?  The fact is that all of these men have a few things in common that really make women pay attention.

A Sense of Humor.  A woman likes a man who can kick back, laugh, and make her laugh.  A woman can get all hot and bothered when she is with a man who makes her feel good, and nothing makes you feel better than laughing.  It’s been proven in some studies that laughter is a true aphrodisiac, which is why the guys with a good sense of humor always seem to get the girl.

The Ability to be Honest.  The man who is confident enough about who he is and what he wants from the world and from women is the one that most women are attracted to.  Just about every woman has been with at least one man who feels like he has to lie about little things to keep her happy.  The fact is that most women would rather have a man who is honest about things than a man who is willing to lie to keep her happy.

A Man Who Makes an Attempt to Look Good.  You don’t have to look like a movie star to turn a woman on, but you do need to look like you put some effort into looking good for her.  If you look sloppy and you don’t make much effort to look good, she won’t find you nearly as hot.  Sloppiness or failure to care about your appearance isn’t a turn on for most women.  Take just a bit of time and make sure you are well groomed and well dressed and you’ll turn her on without saying a word.

Sensitivity.  While a woman wants a man to be strong and masculine, she also wants him to have a very sensitive side.  If she is sad or confused about something she wants him to be able to relate or at least be able to be empathetic for the way that she is feeling.  It is a turn on to see a man who can cry when something sad happens, gush when he sees a puppy or a baby, or just show a vulnerable side to his personality from time to time.

Respect.  While women are often drawn to the bad boy type they also want a man who can be respectful toward her.  You don’t have to be old fashioned or too nice, but a woman likes a man who will walk them to their car when it is dark, who will treat her like a lady, and will make her feel cared for.  A man who is respectful is a huge turn on.

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